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Picture of 6 hugs

6 hugs

Our signature Liu bao
Picture of Elevation


Awesome old growth tea from Sun Moon Lake
Picture of Here and now

Here and now

  • Shou pu erh brick from 2002
  • Warming with a cozy vibe
  • Great for everyday drinking
Picture of Mao feng

Mao feng

Tasty green tea
Midsummer Moonlight

Midsummer Moonlight

  • Purple white tea from Jinggu
  • Enchanting, cheerful energy
  • Floral, sweet and perfect for a midsummer night
Picture of Moonlight white

Moonlight white

Sweet and fragrant tea from 'big leaf' trees
Picture of Old man's Dong Ding

Old man's Dong Ding

  • Heavy oxidation
  • Heavy roast
  • Just the way we like it
Picture of Silent Hymn

Silent Hymn

  • A deep and centering 2011 liu bao black tea

  • Perfect for any time of the year

  • Earthy and sweet
Picture of Wild white buds

Wild white buds

Wild aromatic tea buds
Picture of Da hong pao

Da hong pao

Tasty affordable cliff tea
Picture of Moonlight red

Moonlight red

Sweet and light
Picture of Purity


The best green tea we could find
Picture of Shaman's drum

Shaman's drum

Late 1980's loose leaf Shou pu erh
Picture of Cha tou tea nuggets

Cha tou tea nuggets

Shou pu erh tea that keeps on giving
Picture of Menku red

Menku red

Tip heavy leaves from Menku
Picture of Uplift


Picture of Hong shui GABA

Hong shui GABA

Tea you can drink at night
Picture of One bud one leaf

One bud one leaf

Old growth raw pu erh
Picture of Roasty Jingmai

Roasty Jingmai

Roasty hong cha from Jingmai
Picture of White eagle mountain

White eagle mountain

Old growth raw pu erh
Picture of Oriental Beauty 2014

Oriental Beauty 2014

Heavily oxidized Taiwan ooling
Picture of Sweet dream

Sweet dream

  • Late 90's shou pu erh
  • Perfect for in the evening
  • Deep, tender and subtly sweet
Picture of Wild tree purple red

Wild tree purple red

Aromatic wild tea from a purple varietal
Picture of Boldness old tree tea balls

Boldness old tree tea balls

Picture of Fields of green

Fields of green

Cooling light tea
Picture of Hidden well

Hidden well

Deep tea from Yiwu
Picture of Inner peace

Inner peace

Calming "High roast" Tieguanyin oolong from Taiwan
Picture of Melody


Picture of Red Empress

Red Empress

  • Grounding, reassuring and energizing
  • Great for leaves in a bowl ceremony
  • Long aftertaste and patience