Red tea

What is red tea?

Did you know that the black tea you get at the supermarket, is actually red tea? The Chinese name their teas according to the color of the liquid, instead of the color of the leaves. When we’re talking about black tea, we actually mean red tea. Black tea is an entirely different tea genre, one of the black teas is for example Liu bao, which creates an almost black liquid.

Red tea (hong cha) leaves vary from deep brown or light orange to dark blue black. Whatever the color of the leaves, all red teas create a reddish liquid. The color of the liquid can vary from rusty red to chestnut brown. Red tea from Yunnan (China) is often called dian hong. This tea has a slightly more activating energy than red tea from other regions.

It’s important not to steep red tea for too long. Instead, enjoy multiple cups or bowls of this magical red liquid.

Picture of Elevation


Old tree red tea, Sun Moon Lake

Menku red

Red tea, Big Snow Mountain
Picture of Roasty Jingmai

Roasty Jingmai

Red tea, Jingmai
Picture of Wild tree purple red

Wild tree purple red

Wild red tea, Dehong
Picture of Boldness old tree tea balls

Boldness old tree tea balls

Old tree dragon balls, Yunnan
Picture of Hidden well

Hidden well

Old tree red tea, Yiwu
Picture of Red Empress

Red Empress

Red tea, Simao