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What is Moonlight White?

Moonlight White (Yue Guang Bai) is a white tea from Yunnan, China. Due to the tropical climate of this region, the tea plant here does not grow as a bush, but as a tree. Normally, pu erh tea is made from these trees.

These trees are also called "big leaf" trees. They root deeper and generally grow larger leaves. You can see this in that the tea has a bit more ‘’jungle" than normal: the tea is a bit stronger and has more energy

When you make white tea from these "big leaves" trees, the results are stunning. It creates a very smooth, fragrant tea with a sweet taste that doesn't lose flavour as easily as other white teas. So, you can enjoy Moonlight White for a long time.

Moonlight White used to be dried for several days under the moonlight. This is the big difference with pu erh tea, which is dried in the sun. Nowadays, the tea is dried indoors because it’s cheaper.

When to drink Moonlight White?

Moonlight White is a tasty tea with less caffeine than most teas. You can therefore drink Moonlight White in the evening, just not right before bedtime. At night you can use fewer leaves or boil the tea at a lower temperature if you are worried about your sleep. Moonlight White is perfect to drink at any other time of the day because of its smooth taste.


Moonlight White brewing methods

We often drink Moonlight White "leaves in a bowl" or "grandpa style" (see our brewing methods), but Moonlight White is also great in a thermos! Here's the recipe:

  • Grab some Moonlight White tea with three fingers and put it in a thermos
  • Add 1 litre of boiling water

The longer the white tea stands, the stronger it will become. Over time, it will even start to look a bit like red tea, without becoming bitter like green tea. Feel free to drink this the whole day when brewing the tea like this!


How to store Moonlight White

White tea can be stored for a longer time. Use an airtight bag or jar and put it in a dark place. As with all teas, it is best to keep the tea away from scents, such as incense and kitchen smells. Avoid putting the tea in a place where the temperature fluctuates a lot.


Tips for brewing Moonlight White

This tea is difficult to brew incorrectly. Even after a longer period of boiling, the tea will be delicious but will look more like red tea.


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Brewing styles
Grandpa styleYes
Leaves in a bowlYes
Gong fuYes
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L | 2/4/2024 4:32 PM
Honey-like white tea
Gong Fu Cha, 85 degrees Celcius, 6 grams for 120 ml water.

Dry leaves smell of honey.
Hot leaves smell of caramel.
Wet leaves smell of honey, after a while of hint of spinach shows up.

Slick mouthfeel.
The tea is sweet, fresh with a hint of grass and a small note of honey.

Mostly intact leaves, up to multiple leaves and a bud per stem. The tea is a pale gold/yellow.

Final verdict:
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Guest | 12/19/2022 3:20 PM
Zachte fijne thee
This tea surprised me.
A delicate taste and nice for the evening
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Charelle | 11/12/2022 5:07 PM
Perfect gift
I've gifted this tea as a present to many of my friends. I love it, and it's perfect for people who are new to these kinds of teas. Moonlight White is also my go-to for putting in my thermos, for when I'm a day away from home.
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Guest | 9/6/2021 11:22 AM
Easy to brew white tea
Great white tea. It will give you that mint-like refreshing feel in your throat typical of white teas, which together with the sweetness, makes it great in my opinion. With other white teas I have had it difficult to find the right temperature to extract the sweetness, but this one is very forgiving, I have brewed him in any way possible with temperatures 80-100 and it was great every time. I agree that probably tea in a bowl is the best method, but just because you are using your leaves more efficiently.
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Guest | 2/6/2021 9:50 AM
Mellow and light
I shared an order of moonlight white with a couple of friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed this tea. So far I've been drinking it leaves in a bowl style. I've not tried so many white teas yet so it is difficult to compare, but I would say this tea has a nice mellow and light flavour.
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