White tea

What is white tea?

Tranditionally, white tea was only made from one specific varietal of the teaplant. In order to protect the delicate buds, some plants grow very think, hardy and hairy shoots. This way bugs can't eat them.

If you dry these special kind of buds, the producted tea is very light, sweet, floral and white in color. This was mainly done in Fuding China.

These days, white tea is made from other varietals of tea plant as well. These don't have the special buds, so the tea won't be colored white but a darker yellow. Even tough this is a different tea than the traditional white one, the results are very pleasant.


Read more below our selection of white tea:

Picture of 2018 Moonlight White Cake

2018 Moonlight White Cake

Cake version of Moonlight White
Midsummer Moonlight

Midsummer Moonlight

Purple White tea from Jinggu
Picture of Moonlight white

Moonlight white

Fairy like White tea

Wild white buds

Wild aromatic tea buds, Dehong

Is white tea healthy?

All teas don't have colories if you don't add sugar or milk.

White tea has the least amount of caffeine of all tea categories1 and has the highest amount of GABA2. This can be relaxing and fits in a healthy lifestyle.


Buy white tea?

Due to the minimal processing of white tea, the taste remains light, sweet and soft. White tea is very easy to brew, it won't get bitter that easily as other teas. We've made a small selection of white tea's that will surely elevate every session you'll have with them.

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2) J. Agric. Food Chem. 2011, 59, 8, 3641–3648 Publication Date: March 14, 2011