About us


Hi, I am Admar

My name is Admar and I am the owner of Leaves with hugs.

My tea journey started back in 2015 when I first came into contact with Puer tea. I tought it tasted wierd but drank it anyway because I read somewhere it was good for burning away belly fat. One day I forgot to bring my bag of tea to work and I really missed it. I started researching Puer online and pretty soon I was hooked.

Fast forward to now, tea has brought me a more balanced lifestyle, great friends around the world, a better diet, clearer mind, an actual meditation practice and so much more. Now is the time for me to share all the great gifts that I got with you. 



Our tea

We want a world where there is only good tea. Here, unfortunately, we are not yet. In the meantime, we will sell only good tea. These are the selection points we use:

  1. No pesticides
  2. Mouth/throat/stomach feeling
  3. Taste
  4. Price


In the last 20 years, pesticide use has become normal to grow tea. If an entire area is cut down and only tea trees are put up, insects will have to eat the tea plants (insects prefer to leave tea alone). So, pesticides must be used in large tea fields.
Farmers who spray pesticides ingest high doses with sometimes dire consequences.
Even as a drinker of pesticide tea, you can get headaches and who knows what happens in the long run.

We want our tea to be made without pesticides and look at this with every tea we receive. No pesticide use is number one for us and always will be.

Mouth / throat / stomach feeling

The hallmark of a good tea is that it passes through the body without energetic blockages. For this we adhere to the "10 qualities of a good tea" by Global tea hut:


Only after pesticide check and feel check comes the taste of the tea. Is the tea nice to drink? Does it add something to our selection?



Last but not least we look at the price of the tea. It is very easy to find good tea if you have an unlimited budget. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case. We try to have a mix of extra high quality, more expensive teas for special occasions and teas that are fine to drink every day.


Chamber of Commerce number: 59814659

VAT identification number: NL001798596B69