Black tea

What we call black tea in the west, is what the Chinese refer to as red tea. The Chinese chose to name the tea according to the color of the liquid, instead of the leaves. That means that in this black tea category, you'll find tea genres like liu bao en liu an, instad of 'Western' black tea. The color of these teas range from brown to pitch black. True black tea has a deep earthy taste that is more grounding than it is fragrant. If you're looking for a red tea, which we call black tea in the West, you might want to check out our red tea category.

Black tea ages like wine: the longer you store it, the better it will get. This is not possible in all climates, but if you live in Europe or the US, it's best to store your black tea (semi) closed off. Make sure to keep it away form other smells, so don't store in the kitchen.

According to some, black tea includes shou pur and old sheng puer, but we created a seperate category for puer tea. That means that on this page you'll only find liu bao and liu an teas.

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