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Does White tea promote weight loss?

Does White tea promote weight loss?

Will white tea help with weight loss?

All teas have virtually no calories when no suger or other additives have been added. And there is scientific evidence available that some of the compounds in white tea help to burn more calories but at the end of the day, excercise and making sure you don't eat too much take priority number one.


White tea and weight loss

There are two aspects of weight loss: exercise and nutrition. When it comes to nutrition, many people look for drinks that not only don't add calories but also promote weight loss. Most of the time, green tea is the most obvious candidate that fits this description. 

However, there's maybe an even better and lesser-known alternative to green tea: white tea. Among other benefits, white tea is good for weight loss too, and that will be the topic of this article. 

Does white tea promote weight loss? Before answering that, it is important to understand white tea is. 


What is White tea?

White tea is that it comes from the same type of plant as green and black tea, called Camellia Sinensis. There are differences in subtypes, varietals and cultivars of Camelia Sinensis. Some types have what we would see as normal types of buds, others have developed thicker buds with hair to repel insects from eating them. Most white tea are made from the hairy bud type.

So white tea is generally made from very young buds and leaves of the tea plant It is harvested in early spring, and there is little to no processing, resulting in the improved levels of aroma, flavor, and nutritional value. 


Does White Tea Promote Weight Loss?

Research1 seems to indicate that white tea has the highest level of antioxidants out of all types of teas. It has to do with the minimal processing of tea buds and leaves. However, it is also essential to know what these antioxidants are and how they aid weight loss. 

White tea contains catechins(antioxidants) called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG has a fat-burning effect2, and it may even prevent the formation of new fat cells. Moreover, the caffeine in white tea works together3 with EGCG to promote weight loss. 

Even though more research is needed, it is clear that white tea products can aid weight loss efforts. It has also been established that white tea is a zero calorie drink. For many people, it can help fight cravings for sugary and unhealthy drinks, ultimately reducing their caloric intake and aiding in weight loss. 


A Practical Approach to Weight Loss

Fruitful weight management and nutrition are more than just drinking white tea and calling it a day. Even though it can contribute to weight loss, it won't be of much help if there is no caloric deficit to begin with.

A practical and product approach to weight loss would be to consistently achieve caloric deficit while also living an active lifestyle with the help of exercise. 


Final Words

People enjoy white tea in various forms. Some enjoy it cold while others prefer it hot. What matters is that it is an incredibly healthy beverage that provides guilt-free indulgence while also playing a part in aiding healthy weight loss. In short, there are no downsides to consuming white tea. 







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