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Does white tea contain Theine?

Does white tea contain Theine?

Does white tea contain theine?

Tea is a popular drink around the world, and each variety has its own unique properties. But does white tea contain theine? The short answer is yes. In this article, we dive deeper into the science behind theine in white tea.


What is theine and how does it affect white tea?

Theine is another name for caffeine found in tea. Despite the different name, it is chemically identical to the caffeine found in coffee or other caffeinated beverages[1]. However, the amount of theine varies from tea to tea.

White tea undergoes minimal processing, giving white tea a light, subtle flavor. But this does not mean that white tea contains no theine. Research shows that white tea contains a moderate amount of theine, although it may be lower than in green or black tea[2][3].

Theine makes you more alert; monks used to use tea to stay awake during long meditations. Note that theine can affect your sleep.


Discover the subtlety of white tea for yourself

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