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What does Pu erh tea taste like?

What does Pu erh tea taste like?

What does Pu erh tea taste like?

The unique, complex flavor of Pu erh tea is an experience in itself. This fermented tea from China can have flavors ranging from rich and malty to earthy and sweet, depending on the maturation time and quality of the tea leaves. Read on to discover the various flavor profiles of pu erh tea.


Characteristic taste of Pu erh tea

Unlike other teas, Pu erh tea is known for its deep, robust and complex flavor profile. It often has an earthy flavor that matures and evolves over time. The longer the tea is fermented (natural or artificial) , the richer and more complex the flavor can become[1].


Flavor variations in Pu erh tea

Pu erh tea comes in two varieties: raw (Sheng) and aged (Shou) Pu erh. The young raw Pu erh has a lighter, floral flavor that can change as the tea matures. The aged Pu erh, on the other hand, has a deeper, earthy and woody flavor[2].


Try Pu erh tea for yourself

The best way to understand the taste of pu erh tea is to taste it for yourself. From the light, refreshing notes of raw pu erh to the deep, rich flavors of aged pu erh, there is a world of flavors to explore.


Buy Pu erh tea

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