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Is white tea good for your liver?

Is white tea good for your liver?

The liver is a vital organ with many functions in our bodies. From cleansing the blood to helping with digestion, the health of the liver is crucial. And it seems that white tea can positively affect this organ. But how exactly?


White tea and liver health

The powerful antioxidants in white tea, especially catechins, are associated with liver protection. They help fight free radical damage, an important process for maintaining a healthy liver[1].


The science behind the liver benefits of white tea

A study published in the "International Journal of Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics" shows that white tea may increase antioxidant capacity in the liver, making the organ more resistant to oxidative stress[2]. Another study in "Phytomedicine" reported that the catechins in white tea may be able to help prevent fatty liver disease[3].


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