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Is Pu erh tea a Green tea?

Is Pu erh tea a Green tea?

Is Pu erh tea a green tea?

Although Pu erh tea is often confused with green tea because of its color and taste, there are distinct differences between these two teas, both in terms of production process and flavor profile.


What is Pu erh tea?

Pu erh tea comes from Yunnan province in China and is characterized by its unique fermentation process. There are two main types of Pu erh: Sheng (raw) and Shou (aged). Both undergo an aging process, but Shou Pu erh undergoes an accelerated fermentation process. It is this fermentation that gives Pu erh its distinctive taste, which differs from the fresh taste of green tea.


The differences with green tea

The main differences between Pu erh and green tea are fermentation and maturation. Green tea does not undergo a fermentation process; instead, the leaves are steamed or baked directly to prevent oxidation. This gives green tea its light color and fresh taste. Pu erh tea, on the other hand, can mature for years or even decades, resulting in a deep, rich flavor. More about Pu erh tea and its unique properties can be read on specialized websites.

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Although Pu erh tea and green tea can sometimes look similar, there are distinct and unique differences between the two, especially when it comes to production and flavor profile.





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