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Is Pu erh tea a Black tea?

Is Pu erh tea a Black tea?

Is Pu erh tea a black tea?

Summary: Pu erh tea, often associated with black tea, has a unique classification. In China, it is considered black tea, while our traditional black tea there is referred to as red tea. It is important to distinguish between the color and taste of Pu erh tea and other teas.


The Chinese tea classification

In China, the homeland of tea, teas are given names that are often based on the color of the brewed product. What we in the West often refer to as "black tea" is called "red tea" in China because of the red color of the infusion. At the same time, what we know as Pu erh tea is classified as black tea in China.


Why we categorize Pu erh differently

Pu erh tea has a fascinating evolution in flavor as it ages. Young Pu erh can have flavors reminiscent of green tea. However, as it ages, especially in the case of Shou Pu erh, it can take on a dark, almost inky black color. Because of this unique characteristic, many merchants, including our web shop, give Pu erh its own category.


What does this mean for tea enthusiasts?

The important thing is to understand that the classification of tea varies depending on cultural context. While Pu erh is considered black tea in China, in other parts of the world it may be considered a unique tea variety. Regardless of classification, the most important thing remains the rich and variable flavor of Pu erh tea.





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