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Introducing the Handmade Ash Wood Tea Scoop by Vlastimil, a talented Czech woodworker with a deep passion for tea. Each of these exquisite scoops is meticulously crafted with love and attention to detail. Vlastimil's expertise is evident in the fine lines adorning the entire scoop, forming an elegant spiral pattern that showcases his artistic craftsmanship.

One striking aspect that pleasantly surprised us about these tea scoops is their remarkable lightness. This attribute can be attributed to the delicate thinness of the ash wood used in their creation. It is truly a testament to Vlastimil's skill and expertise, considering the challenges involved in crafting such delicate yet functional tools. Not only do these scoops perform exceptionally well in the world of tea preparation, but they also possess an undeniable aesthetic charm.

As you examine the ash wood scoop, you may notice the presence of dark spots on its surface. These intriguing marks are the result of iron deposits naturally found within the wood. They add a unique character to each individual scoop, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

In comparison to our other ash wood scoop, this particular variant stands out with its noticeably darker hue. The reason behind this distinction lies in the special treatment it has undergone. Vlastimil has applied a coating of walnut peel to enhance the scoop's natural beauty, resulting in a rich and captivating color that further accentuates its elegant design.

To ensure these exquisite tea scoops reach you in pristine condition, each one is carefully packaged in a handmade cardboard box. These boxes hold an extra touch of artistry, as they feature a beautiful painting created by one of Vlastimil's talented friends. While we take utmost care in packing these boxes, we must acknowledge that despite our best efforts, some minor dents or imperfections may occur during transit.

Indulge in the pleasure of tea preparation with Vlastimil's Handmade Ash Wood Tea Scoop, a testament to the marriage of functionality, artistry, and passion.


  • Scoop: 19.9cm long, 6 cm wide
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